Sri Lanka Planetarium (ශ්‍රී ලංකා ග්‍රහලෝකාගාරය)

2008-02-28 (Researchers Educational Trip No 1 - Sri Lanka Planetarium)
4th years educational trip no 01 of UCSC_2003-4 batch.

Declared open on 1st of February, 1965 during Ceylon Industrial Exhibition.

After 4 years of university life we found our way to one and only Planetarium located in our own university premises.

We enjoyed 1 hour show about our own solar system, galaxy and star signs (Mythical) which we can observe in 7pm-4am in our sky.

After the show everyone felt like we were just wake up in the morning and all researchers talk about that the common show in this planetarium have to enhance with the use of new technology to more attractively and effectively teach to the students.

Entrance through Bauddhaloka Mawatha, Colombo 7.
English shows on the last Saturday of the month at 1400 hrs.
Special shows in English can be arranged for parties of 75 or more.
For further information please contact: Planetarium, Bauddhaloka Mawatha, Colombo 7. Tel: +94-11-2586499.


Harlan Gray said...

Hi thanks for this. I like to know if they have an official website. We are planning to visit this but need to know information such as open times and days, prices of tickets and whether we have to inform them and arrange with them before we go.

CJ said...

Yes, advance reservation would be better. I have included contact details in the post itself.
They are open Tuesday-Saturday office hours.
Tickets are very cheap. Few dollars for foreigners.

Unknown said...

I tried to contact over the phone... but failed. Pls advise the time of the English show.

CJESUS said...

Hi Fahim,
The do have Sinhala shows in the morning. For English show you have to contact them somehow. Phone contacts may be out of order because of festival season. Try once more this week daytime and let me know. If still fail, I can visit the place during my lunch time and get the info for you.

Muvindu kash said...

How can we enter

CJ Kumarage said...

You should be able to enter through University entrance from Thurstan Ground side.

Unknown said...

what are the show times

CJ Kumarage said...

Weekdays Morning. Call them and get exact time as it can change. If you have enough people you can have your own show arrange.